Saturday, April 15, 2017

beautiful Saturday

Its a lovely and sunny Saturday, sunny but not hot..Love it when its not hot..

I went out this morning to Home Depot, decided i was in need of a Easter Cactus..Just thought about it last night and decided to go look..I found a pretty one, white flowers on this one, its tiny but thats what i wanted..Just love it to pieces, also got a tiny jade, it will go in the bathroom, hopefully it will thrive..

I decided the month of april was going to try knitting a baby hat a day..So far doing well with it..I also wanted to do chemo hats, but those take me a little longer, but hopefully i will made some of those also, this month or through out the upcoming months..I didnt want to overwhelm myself..

I finished a tiny preemie blankie, and hope to do another one soon..Right now iam also knitting on scarves...I found another charity that i like and want to make scarves for them..The charity is called Handmade especially for you...Its for shelters for abused women...

l hope you all who stop by have a blessed and safe Easter Sunday..

will leave you with a pic of my pretty tiny plants...


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

what i am working on

 i am working on a Lent Challenge for  one of my groups..I am  working on grannies for the challenge...I made 30 grannies just have to weave in the ends on some and put two more rows on a few others...I had done 30 already but something went wrong, so i made 30 more, and will donate the others from the first 30...In between those i knitted 2 hats for another charity and i started a preemie blankie....Anyway, now that the 30 squares are almost done i can go on with other projects..

It was a nice day here today, not cold, not hot, but warm..No winds..Yesterday was windy and cold, but today was just a gift from heaven..

Have a great rest of the week...


Friday, February 3, 2017

where do you craft?

Just wanted to stop by and say hi...🌝 I was wondering what kind of crafting area do you have? is it small, or big...I love  my little nook, my fave chair is there and its in my room..i love knitting/crocheting there.I also pray there, its a nice little place to gather my thoughts and talk to the Lord..Knitting at times calms me, i always have to be busy with my hands... Praying soothes my soul..

i have a few things on the needles, a hat, and two blankies...Hopefully i can stick with just knitting one at a time..Usually that's not the case..One day at a time..

so this is my little knitting nook..its a small little table, but i have what i need in that space and its enough for me..
Have a wonderful day and weekend..

Thursday, January 19, 2017

just keep knitting

when stress hits me, i pick up my needles or hooks..Stress and Anxiety has been hitting me heavily this beginning of the new year..

Anyway, sent a few more squares to one of my charities...Knitted 2 baby hats..Working on a blankie now and crochet some more squares for Bev for a nursing home..

I hope you have a great rest of the week..


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lovely day

well its a gorgeous day out, sunny, blue skies...Its not warm nor cold, just right..
I worked on some squares this week and started and finished a hat..First hat of the new year, its nice..
NY Eve blankie is still going..

I am having plant fever again and am propagating a jade plant, and a spider plant..Found a pot for it out in the garage and will use it for the spider plant..I am hoping to find a golden pathos at the grocery or maybe home depot...I'll have to see..Would love to hang it in my room...

Yesterday i cleaned the house and decided to clean the closet...the closet is a thorn at my side, too much clutter and yet no room to move it some place else...But i got some stuff to throw out, and cleaned what i could..Feels good to get it cleaned up as best as i can..

here is a pic of the projects i got done this month..

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year....I am praying daily for this New Year to be a happy one for us all..

My current project is the new years eve blankie that i casted on last night..I am trying really, really hard not to start other projects while i work on this blankie..I always veer off the road and start new stuff, but hopefully i wont this time..

I also made 3 squares for this project, its a great cause..

Hope you all have a beautiful start to a New Year..

Friday, December 30, 2016

New years day is almost here..What will the new year bring? i hope happy things,less turmoil..

finished a tiny preemie blankie...Today i got a square done and one is almost done..Love making these squares..
Hopefully i can cast on a new blankie tomorrow for my NY eve cast on..
 Have a great weekend and New Year..Stay safe out there..