Sunday, July 1, 2018

july already

Today its breeeeeeezy and hazy..we had sun, but now its just hazy..
i started on another scrappy  preemie blanket today..its going well so far..been looking in my stash for itty bitty balls of yarn..

hope you all have a safe sunday and week ahead..
leaving you with some pics of the squash and tomatoes my father had this year in his veggie patch..

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Knitted preemie Blanket

months are flying..i need  to go out to joanns soon and get some yarn..dont have any yarn to start more squares...its May gray here which iam loving, dont like the heat at all..

Here is another tiny preemie i just finished..i think its 19x 21...want to do a few more of these also..

i need to post some tube socks also..havent had a chance..hopefully later i will..

hope you all have a great wednesday..

Peace & Love 💛💛💛💜💙💖

Thursday, March 29, 2018

end of march

can't beleive another month is almost over..Finished a few things around here..Went through the bathroom and got rid of a few things, nice to declutter..I said this year, no spring cleaning as i always go nuts and then pay for it with a hurting back and shoulders..So, just doing some light decluttering..

Finished another baby blankie, started on a chemo hat today..Also knitting squares for another baby blankie..Its nice to keep your hands busy, maybe help the mind also away from worries and into better thoughts..At least i pray so..

Hope you all have a blessed Easter with family..

Friday, February 23, 2018

God's Grace

i went out to the garage to get a load done, it started raining, well showering..Only lasted 3 min..But when i turned around look what i saw...Amazing hope..


Sunday, February 18, 2018


its a lovely sunday here, sunny, but windy..We did not have a winter here, rain wise, only had coldness..

Been chugging along with my  crafty objects..I have done 20 hats so far for the year, iam finishing a preemie blankie now..might finish it up tonight, not sure yet..

I had a idea of crocheting a granny square a week to one of my groups..Trying to get the group going after a friend/owner of the group died..She loved grannies..So anyway, i had this idea a few weeks ago, so anyone can do more than a granny a week if they choose to..I have a few grannies now and i am liking it..I try to do a granny on sunday..I need to get some white to trim them..
Also knitting a diagonal preemie blankie..not sure about it, but will see it through, if i dont like it, i will start something else with the yarn..

these are some of the hats i made recently and some grannies also..

have a great week ahead..💙💛💜💓

Saturday, December 30, 2017

new year is almost here

hope everyone had a good christmas..Cant beleive its almost the New its a happy one....

well the month of dec, sure was a very knitty one for me..I knitted 2 blankies and crochet 2 others..then i made a scarf and some wrist warmers ..sadly i didn't take pic of the simple wrist warmers and i'm upset about it..i like having a pic..
i did take one of the scarf i made, but didn't take one of the preemie blankie i made..what a  i will be better next time.

I am working on a new blankie, but doubt i will finish by tomorrow..Its ok, will get to it after i finish my NY ev cast on, new blankie..

Until next time, have an awesome New Year...


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

onward to Christmas

Doesnt seem possible that its almost Christmas..It seems this year went quick..That could be a blessing or not to some..I pray things will be better in the new year...

So, i finished my baby hats and sent to one of my charities..Did 2 knitted blankies for another charity..Then finished a few more hats and a crochet blankie..So i might get back to squares again, not sure...

Still thinking of what to start on ny eve...
It was cold here last night and this morning also....I have to go out this week to the post office and drop off some hats for NJ..there was a call for hats and i pray mine will keep someone in need warm..So much need in the winter, it bogles the mind..

Anyway, here is the latest blankie, crochet this time..It went quick, just 2 days to do this V stitch blankie..its not that big, so it helps.. I might crochet another, but not sure..

Hope you all have a safe and nice week..