Wednesday, May 10, 2017

may grey

hello friends, our may has started out grey and a few rain drops here and there...I am so loving it, as i dont like hot, hot weather..So today we have mild rain also...They said it would be a few sprinkles, but it turned into light rain, which i love..

Thinking i might go to joanns and treating myself to a skein of simply soft for some yarn..I gave up on caron simply soft for years, because i had to cut most of the yarn out of the was horribly freyed, not usable..Dont know where their control people are but they missed the mark on looking after their yarn..So have been only buying a skein here and there when its on sale..I would love to get a skein of baby blue and more baby hats..

the month of April i got 17 hats done, 4 scarves and lots of squares..
It was a good month for knitting/crochet..Love it..
So far i have 1 scarf done and two hats..
Lets keep rocking on with projects..

Have a great mild day friends..