Saturday, April 15, 2017

beautiful Saturday

Its a lovely and sunny Saturday, sunny but not hot..Love it when its not hot..

I went out this morning to Home Depot, decided i was in need of a Easter Cactus..Just thought about it last night and decided to go look..I found a pretty one, white flowers on this one, its tiny but thats what i wanted..Just love it to pieces, also got a tiny jade, it will go in the bathroom, hopefully it will thrive..

I decided the month of april was going to try knitting a baby hat a day..So far doing well with it..I also wanted to do chemo hats, but those take me a little longer, but hopefully i will made some of those also, this month or through out the upcoming months..I didnt want to overwhelm myself..

I finished a tiny preemie blankie, and hope to do another one soon..Right now iam also knitting on scarves...I found another charity that i like and want to make scarves for them..The charity is called Handmade especially for you...Its for shelters for abused women...

l hope you all who stop by have a blessed and safe Easter Sunday..

will leave you with a pic of my pretty tiny plants...