Saturday, April 15, 2017

beautiful Saturday

Its a lovely and sunny Saturday, sunny but not hot..Love it when its not hot..

I went out this morning to Home Depot, decided i was in need of a Easter Cactus..Just thought about it last night and decided to go look..I found a pretty one, white flowers on this one, its tiny but thats what i wanted..Just love it to pieces, also got a tiny jade, it will go in the bathroom, hopefully it will thrive..

I decided the month of april was going to try knitting a baby hat a day..So far doing well with it..I also wanted to do chemo hats, but those take me a little longer, but hopefully i will made some of those also, this month or through out the upcoming months..I didnt want to overwhelm myself..

I finished a tiny preemie blankie, and hope to do another one soon..Right now iam also knitting on scarves...I found another charity that i like and want to make scarves for them..The charity is called Handmade especially for you...Its for shelters for abused women...

l hope you all who stop by have a blessed and safe Easter Sunday..

will leave you with a pic of my pretty tiny plants...



  1. love your plants that you bought!! The one on the right I can keep alive, the one on the left...well I have a problem with those, I blame the house.

    Happy Easter!

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  3. Love your sweet plants, Lulu. And, thank you for your good wishes on our move. Life is certainly going to change.

    1. yes it will be changing for you both, but praying happy changes..lots to see and explore in your new adventure Anne...