Wednesday, March 8, 2017

what i am working on

 i am working on a Lent Challenge for  one of my groups..I am  working on grannies for the challenge...I made 30 grannies just have to weave in the ends on some and put two more rows on a few others...I had done 30 already but something went wrong, so i made 30 more, and will donate the others from the first 30...In between those i knitted 2 hats for another charity and i started a preemie blankie....Anyway, now that the 30 squares are almost done i can go on with other projects..

It was a nice day here today, not cold, not hot, but warm..No winds..Yesterday was windy and cold, but today was just a gift from heaven..

Have a great rest of the week...



  1. I completely understand. I need to get that baby blanket filled with granny squares off my to do list. Hope you are having a great week.

  2. my scrap blanket has been staring at me but I barely work on it, I should!!