Friday, February 3, 2017

where do you craft?

Just wanted to stop by and say hi...🌝 I was wondering what kind of crafting area do you have? is it small, or big...I love  my little nook, my fave chair is there and its in my room..i love knitting/crocheting there.I also pray there, its a nice little place to gather my thoughts and talk to the Lord..Knitting at times calms me, i always have to be busy with my hands... Praying soothes my soul..

i have a few things on the needles, a hat, and two blankies...Hopefully i can stick with just knitting one at a time..Usually that's not the case..One day at a time..

so this is my little knitting nook..its a small little table, but i have what i need in that space and its enough for me..
Have a wonderful day and weekend..


  1. I sit mainly in my family room and have a side table of immediately available projects and tools. Upstairs I have a guest room that is my studio that has all the rest of my "stuff".

  2. thats wonderful Karen, to have a studio is awesome..
    take care,