Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lovely day

well its a gorgeous day out, sunny, blue skies...Its not warm nor cold, just right..
I worked on some squares this week and started and finished a hat..First hat of the new year, its nice..
NY Eve blankie is still going..

I am having plant fever again and am propagating a jade plant, and a spider plant..Found a pot for it out in the garage and will use it for the spider plant..I am hoping to find a golden pathos at the grocery or maybe home depot...I'll have to see..Would love to hang it in my room...

Yesterday i cleaned the house and decided to clean the closet...the closet is a thorn at my side, too much clutter and yet no room to move it some place else...But i got some stuff to throw out, and cleaned what i could..Feels good to get it cleaned up as best as i can..

here is a pic of the projects i got done this month..

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